Some Opportunities Only Come Along Once In A Lifetime...
These are the ones that stop you in your tracks 
and you just KNOW you need to pay attention.

Kevin & Melissa Knecht

We've worked from home for over 20 years together.  This is the single most solid and exciting opportunity we've ever been presented with - Bar None.  At every turn, we find things that are better and better. 

We're here to support you - we know how to build big teams without losing the personal touch. Schedule time with us and we'll give you access to our Team Best Life Facebook Group where we'll be offering daily updates and Team Training and help you to plug into all the Free Team Tools we offer.

We're looking forward to traveling with you, growing with you and succeeding with you! 


L: With Company Co-Owner Dan Stammen R: With President & CEO Eddie Head
L: With Top Income Earner Troy Brown R: With Top Income Earner Jeff Bolf
Why Are Kevin & Melissa So Excited About This And Why Should I Be?
On January 14th, 2018 we got a Facebook Message about World Ventures.  Once we did some fact finding - we decided we needed to be at their upcoming Momentum Event taking place in Orlando, FL to check everything out in person.  That meant we had to leave 9 days later! 

Boy was it worth it.  10,000 passionate people and simply stellar training from the stage.  We met privately with company co-owner Dan Stammen to fully Vet this opportunity and ask every question we could think of.  He was extremely forthcoming and we were truly blown away by everything we experienced that weekend.   

We've been looking for a home.  Somewhere we could build with stability with an amazing team culture.  This is that place.  The culture is amazing.  

Add to that, the product - which is marketable to ANYONE - not just home business seekers - and we have a home run!

Review the videos and then get started via the link below.  If you have questions, schedule time with us and we'll be happy to get you additional info. 

This is BIG and the time is NOW!!
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